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Services to Students with Disabilities

Every day, we use technology to make our lives easier. So, when it comes to education PTTI has been using all the latest technologies like VR that may also help students with disabilities get advanced training.

As someone who is living with a disability, you already know that higher healthcare costs can be a major financial challenge.

So it should come as no surprise that PTTI makes achieving professional success easier, especially for people who are living with disabilities. Having a career can help offset this financial burden, PTTI has all the tools and facilities that can help you get employed and keep you healthy.

PTTI also has online curriculums that help students with disabilities study from home at their convenience also considering the current situation.

Not only PTTI provides educational training and support but also provides emotional support and help overcome for students going through personal struggles to maximize their productivity that can help them achieve success.

PTTI will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  It should be noted that due to the technical nature of our programs, some places within our facilities are not accessible to mobility-impaired persons. Further, students with disabilities must be physically able to complete the training program with reasonable accommodations.  Also, certain physical and intellectual abilities are bona fide occupational qualifications and thus certain disabilities might disqualify a student from any potential employment.

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