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10 states and Metropolitan areas with the highest employment for Plumbing/PipeFitter Jobs

If you are someone considering learning Plumbing or PipeFitting classes, you might be wondering where you may get employed after you complete your training? 

The following article will give you an overview of the 10 states and Metropolitan areas with the highest employment rates for Plumbing/PipeFitter Jobs. 

The source for Salary and Employment level numbers are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics from May 2018 for Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters (47-2152).

Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey

Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey has the highest employment level with 28,620 of Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters with an annual mean wage of $76,030. Being metropolitan states and areas, these states have a large amount of population and residencies hence it employs more number of plumbers and pipefitter. Pennsylvania once had the monopoly in the Steel and Oil and Gas industry, PipeFitters and SteamFitters have more opportunities and exposure in Pennsylvania.

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California is home to 48,040 Plumbers having the second highest employment level in the USA with an Annual mean wage of about $61,410.This data covers the cities like Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim. Water system in California has been the most productive and the largest in the world, the state lacks skilled plumbers and pipefitter. Here’s your chance to become a part of the largest water infrastructure.

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Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin have the third highest employment level with an annual mean wage of $83,080; highest of all the states. Chicago alone outputs the gross metropolitan product of US$770.7 billion in 2020 which surpasses the total economic output of Switzerland, where Manufacturing and Food Processing industry play a major role in its economy. PipeFitter has ample opportunities and exposure in Chicago. 


Texas is home to many industries from Industrial manufacturing to Pipeline Welding to Construction, there are many options to choose from. Plumbers and PipeFitters in Texas can earn an annual mean wage of $53,170 in cities like Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land while Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington hold more number of Jobs.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Massachusetts and New Hampshire may not have the Highest number of employment levels but it pays way more than some of the above mentioned states with an annual mean wage of $72,200. Boston, Cambridge and Nashua are the major cities and metropolitan statistical areas comprising more jobs.

There is one more state that we would like to add with the highest number of employment levels due to its population.


Florida has an employment level of 25,360 Plumbers and PipeFitters with an annual mean wage of $44,200. If you are someone who would like to work in a state famous for its beaches, this is the right place for you as a plumber. With the Tourism industry, the major contributor to its economy, there are more hotels and resorts, and it is the 3rd most populous city in the USA, so there are more pipes to be fixed as a plumber.

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