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Future of Welding Industry – Is it worth being part of it?

1. Discover Career in welding and Future of Welding Industry - Philadelphia Technician Training Institute
As a student and as a professional, it is important to understand and be in line with the industry trends and choose a futuristic profession. Technology is going to shape the future and every industry is sure to inculcate that as a part of the system.So, is welding a good industry to jump in? IS there a future in welding? What technological advancement is the industry going into? These are the questions that you should have an answer to before you plan to choose to craft a career in Welding.The Future of Welding is Bright. … While many professions are still licking their wounds from the latest recession due to Covid-19, the welding industry has enjoyed exciting growth. In fact, since the end of 2019, skilled labor has been one of the highest occupations in demand second to Online related jobs


About 404,800 welders were working throughout the US in 2016 which rose by 6% in 2019-20 and the field is expected to grow at a steady rate. This rate is anticipated to set the pace until 2026 and only scale up with the inclusion of the latest technology.

2. Discover Career in welding and Future of Welding Industry - Philadelphia Technician Training Institute
Even the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics speculates that the need for welders is expected to grow by 26 percent by end 2020 although Covid-19 did become a bump in the growth rate. This also makes welding one of the fastest-growing professions in America. The welding industry offers higher than average starting pay, decent benefits, and of course a bright future.You might relate a welder with more close by tasks that you see in day to days but the highest paying welding career are from the following spaces:

  • Aerospace welder
  • Underwater welder
  • Military support welder
  • Pipe welder
  • Certified welding supervisor


3. Discover Career in welding and Future of Welding Industry - Philadelphia Technician Training Institute
Now the question is how futuristic is Welding? Are machines and Artificial Intelligence going to automate welding completely leaving your future in dilemma? AI/ML that can take welding to the next level is currently not available but is sure to come in soon. This technology will automate the tasks to replace humans in production but would still need to be operated by experts.

Is Welding a Good Career for you? Is it a stable career? Is it worth being a welder?

The answer to the above stated questions is a BIG YES. While most industries experience significant swings, the welding field is comparatively very stable. Welders always are in high demand as they are required by most industries.

If the above points justify the reason for you to choose welding as a career, please get in touch with our team at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute for a counselling session and know more about how to make a career in Welding and about

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