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Is Plumbing a Good career? Plumbing Trade School and Career

Before we answer that, let us look at what a career in Plumbing looks like and what are the requirements.

A Plumber specializes in installing and maintaining Pipe Systems, which includes design, assemble, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair pipes carrying water, chemicals, steam, or fuel in heating, cooling, and other process piping systems.

Steam, Sprinkler and Pipe Fitter or Plumber Instructor

What are the Plumber education requirements?

The best thing about becoming a tradesman is you don’t require any high

qualifications. To become a plumber, one must have a High School Diploma or a GED or an equivalent degree and must be above the age of 18.

If you fulfill the above requirements, you must be wondering how to get a plumber vocational training? Or if you need to attend a plumbing trade school? Read further…

How to Become a Plumber?

To become a plumber, you need to get a plumbing certification course from a certified training institute. Choosing an institute is a crucial step towards your career in becoming a plumber, you must attend the best plumbing schools in your city.

You can then join a Union or further complete a plumbing apprenticeship program. Having Completed your plumbing certificationcourse boosts your resume and makes it easy for a plumbing apprenticeship program.

Attending a Trade school also helps you in training for resume writing, interviewing skills and career services.

After completing about a few years in the Apprenticeship program, you can then apply for Plumber’s License.

Different States have different License requirements, so the requirements may vary depending on the state you live in. Get Licensed and keep growing in your career.

How long it takes to become a Plumber?

The course at plumbing certification schools varies, it can approximately take 6 Months of training or less depending on the trade school you attend. In just 6 months of training, you can have a great start of the career in plumbing and not wait for a 4-year college degree and yet be unemployed.

Plumber Demand and salary:

The Job Market for Plumbers is projected to grow 14 percent from 2018 to 2028, the Number of Jobs required is 500,300, which is much higher than other occupations.

Median Salary of a Plumber after gaining a few years of experience is $55,160 per year and keeps growing based on the work experience achieved.
Plumbing Trade School and Career
1) Minimum required Education is just High School

2) You do not need high grades to get into an institute as you do for academics or colleges

3) Training completes in just 6 months and you do not have to wait until 4 years to start earning like in a college.

4) Affordable compared to college degrees.

5) High Demand and Salary.

And High Job Satisfaction, these are some of the best reasons if you aspire to become a plumber and

Besides, there are only 14,960 Plumbers in Pennsylvania state, here’s your chance to grab the opportunity and attend trade schools in PA.

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