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Top 10 reasons why you should become a Sterile and Central Processing Technician!

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Sterile Processing Technicians are heroes who work behind the scenes and are the backbone of the healthcare centers. They are responsible for managing the inventories, clean, sanitize medical tools and instruments and place them in the required spots. 

1) No degree required
The minimum education required to become a Sterile Processing Technician is High School and certified Training from a Qualified Institute. You don’t need a 4-year college degree to become one. 

2) Affordable Certification
The Certifications required to progress in the sterilization field are very affordable and are a one-time fee only. You may need CBSPD certifications and the certification can be renewed every 5 years which is cost-effective while you are also focusing on growing your experience.

3) Start working within a year
Hands-on experience is the key, so sterile processing technician training is essential to start working in any clinic or medical workplace. Sterile Processing Technician Certificate Programs are as short as 8 months and you can start earning within a year of training. After the training and required skills are acquired, you are ready to work in a real environment.
One such sterile processing technician school in Philadelphia provides just an 8 month Sterile and Central Processing Technician Program is Philadelphia Technician Training Institute.

4) Work in many healthcare field
Sterile Processing Technicians can work in all the medical fields, They play an important role and are required in Hospitals in clinics in dental offices or surgical centers across the whole nation. They disinfect and sterilize all the medical instruments and tools and ensure to stop the spread of infections.

5) A chance to help people keep healthy
Sterile Processing Technicians play a vital role in keeping the patients healthy as they help in cleaning the instruments used for the patient’s hygiene. While performing their work duty, they also get a chance to help the patients in need.

6) Career is in demand
15% employment growth expected in this field according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics with an Approx annual mean sterile processing technician salary of $37,160. With the pandemic, employment needs have risen and healthcare workers are required more than before 

7) Secured Career and advancement
The Healthcare and Medical Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Career in Sterile Processing secure as it is already in high demand and there will always be someone needed anywhere disinfection/sterilization of tools are to be done.

8) Flexibility to choose your working hours
In medical centers and big hospitals, there are different shifts in the morning or evening or night that can provide various schedules because the tools are required to be sterilized round-the-clock. So, by becoming a Sterile Processing Technician you have the privilege to choose the shift for your work, which helps you in scheduling your day and preferences.

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9) Mobility at Workplace
In a Sterile Processing career, job duties include more mobility hence you don’t have to sit behind a boring desk but move around the workplace to perform your duties like collecting the instruments from one place, disinfecting, and putting them in various assigned places. This job is more lively and interactive.

10) Work with a team or individually

In Sterile Processing, you are responsible for different tasks that you can manage individually without the need for supervision. Or, you can also join a growing team where you can stay updated with the latest technologies and developments in the field and also exchange tips with your fellow colleagues.
The current pandemic situation advances more jobs in healthcare considering the resource limitations. 

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