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Explore Various Opportunities in Sprinkler, Pipe Fitter & Steam Fitter

Jobs and employment opportunities relating to construction, renovation and home improvement are galore in the US. However, there is a necessity for budding professionals in areas such as pipe fitting, masonry, plumbing, and steam fitting etc., to obtain certified diplomas or degrees. Not only does this help them increase their proficiency, obtain greater understanding of subjects and move from a novice to a specialist, it also helps increase their employability in the industry.

In this article, we shall discuss the various opportunities that students of sprinkler fitting, pipe fitting and steam fitting can explore post obtaining a professional technical degree in the same.

Industrial Pipe Fitting

There are jobs and requirements of professionals in the field of industrial pipe fitting. This involves laying out pipes to carry gases, steam, chemicals and liquids for heating and refrigeration systems. The skills required for these roles that can be imbibed in a technical course include pipe fabrication, pipe fitting, shop math, blueprint reading, pipe welding, rigging, system testing and pressure relieving among others.

Marine Pipe Fitting

Marine pipe fitters may require to be trained specially in marine physics and other practices even after obtaining a general degree in Pipe fitting. Marine pipe fitters have to take into consideration pipe materials, fitting dynamics, pressure relieving and other aspects of pipe fitting from a marine perspective. This job is not only challenging but also extremely well paying and exciting.

Steam Fitters

Steam fitting involves various specialised practices over and beyond pipe fitting. They have to work with transporting liquids and fluids that move under high pressure. Additionally they also have to take care of installation and repair of gauges and automatic controls.

Pipe Welders & Aligners

In order to ensure optimal costing and supply of the liquid, gas or chemical with zero leakage, pipe welding and alignment skills are demanded by many industries. Pipe welding technology programs are essential certifications of pipe welders. While most pipe layers and fitters itself can do the job of pipe welding, there are few workers who develop innate dexterity and skills in these areas of work. Pipe welding ensures that there are no leakages while alignment takes care that the materials of the pipe do not alter the nature of the liquid of gas that is being transported.

Stress Relieving

It is important when laying pipes to calculate and ascertain the amount of stress that the pipe material will be able to withstand. Additionally, measures need to be adopted to control and restrict the amount of stress. This can be done through various ways that include leveraging the force of gravity, reducing the number of angles and turns and maintaining optimal passage thickness.

If you are looking to imbibe the nuances of pipe, sprinkler and steam fitting, Philadelphia Technical Training Institute runs a comprehensive technical training program that helps students hone the necessary skills to become professionals in the practice. In addition to comprehensive coursework and opportunities for internships, PTTI also offers dynamic industry exposure, practical and theoretical knowledge as well as developing managerial and communication skills. It is also one of the institutes whose students are eligible for Student Financial Aid Programs. This makes students employable and well-equipped to chart their professional trajectory. If you are looking to join a course that nurtures the piping & steaming enthusiast in you and moulds you into an excellent professional, get in touch with us today!

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