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Sterile Processing Faculty at Trade School in Philadelphia

The Faculty at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute focuses on practical education more than just classroom so that the students are readiest as they move out to the industry. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of trade skills we specialise in, while leaving no stone unturned to ready the faculty and infrastructure with current technological advancements.

The approach to pedagogy combines hands-on, Virtual Reality, fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and practical’s.

Plumbing and PipeFitter Faculty at Trade School in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute has faculty for each of the 6 courses the school focuses on. A key feature of the trade education at the PTTI is that those 6-8 months at school are devoted to the acquisition of advanced trade skills in respective fields – Welding, Manufacturing, Sterile Processing, Plumbing, Concrete & Masonry and Automotive.

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Members of the faculty are always expected to meet their professional and institutional commitments at the School on a regular basis. These commitments include time spent on self training, research, student advising, classroom training, practical activities and various kinds of college or outside professional service on committees and in administrative roles. Members of the faculty are always expected to handle their teaching assignments with professional skill.

Welding Technology Faculty at Trade School in Philadelphia

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