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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility at PTTI is constituted in a way we make a difference to the social, economic, and well-being of the community through teaching our millennial students with industry-standards and advanced technology that helps them a career in their trade. Our agenda is to uplift the community for their betterment with technical education.

Food Distribution by students in Philadelphia

Ethical and Social Responsibility

At Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, we incorporate ethical and social responsibility in our teaching methods where our graduates are considerate to their social and environmental responsibilities. Students participate to volunteer in activities at PTTI like food distribution and other campaigns that inspire them to have a sense of kindness.

Virtual Reality Welding Training in Philadelphia

Industry Standard & Technological Advancement

At PTTI we include a Hands-on training approach along with some theoretical teaching that benefits students to have practical knowledge with the required knowledge. Prepared for the real world, students feel a sense of pride and respected under the supervision of the Institute and Instructors. The Instructors are trained on every technological advancement in the trade.

The students are provided with these gadgets for a better and safer environment. We have already inculcated Virtual Reality in two of our courses.

Working In Association With Local Communities

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute works closely with the community and carries out social gatherings like job fares, barbeque events where everyone gathers to discuss how to uplift the society by means of the greatest tool – Education.

Community Gathers to discuss upliftment of youth in Philadelphia

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