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Our Programs

Philadelphia Trade school Welding Technology

Welding Technology

The focus of our Welding Technology and Training Program is on technical knowledge, industry standards, trouble-shooting skills, occupational safety, computerized systems training for “green-collar” jobs in today’s high-tech manufacturing companies.We provide quality instruction and hands-on training at one of the largest welding schools in the country. You can get from 5 to 15 certifications, including pipe-welding if you want to major in this niche welding field.Financial Aid is available to students who…Read More


Philadelphia Trade school Manufacturing & Automation Technician Program

Manufacturing and Automation:

Our students are trained to become super electricians at a higher level. Manufacturing technicians at our school not only learning electrical wiring code, run wires, install panels, etc. but they also know how to maintain high speed and ultra-high-speed manufacturing machines. Our teachers are industry engineers and skilled electricians with extensive learning and experience. They’ll train you to work with advanced manufacturing equipment like robotics, advanced computer controls, single and three phase wiring…Read More


Philadelphia Trade school Automotive Repair Technician Program

Automotive Training & Repair Technician:

By the program’s end, our automotive students are trained to maintain, repair, and trouble-shoot cars and trucks. You’ll train to repair engines, brakes, alignments, axles and so much more! You will also learn how to diagnose the most common electrical vehicle failures in both cars and light trucks.Technician Training: Today’s leading repair garages look more like computer labs than auto repair shops. We will educate and train you to use computers to diagnose and solve engine and alignment problems. Afterwards, dealerships love…Read More


Philadelphia Technician Training Institute Steam Sprinkler and Pipe Fitter, Plumbing Training Program

Steam, Sprinkler and Pipe Fitting

Our Steam, Sprinkler and Pipe fitting program is designed to help students gain knowledge, experience and training that include industrial and personal safety, safe pipe fitting operation and practices, pipe fabrication and valve installation, blueprint reading, interpretation of engineering plans, and instruction in basic shop math and perform jobs related to general and boiler… Read More


Philadelphia Technician Training Institute Concrete Framing and Masonry Technician Program

Concreting, Masonry and Framing

This program is designed to help students gain knowledge in concrete, construction, masonry decoration and framing works. Students will gain experience and training that include industrial and personal safety, safe operation and practices for using concrete, frame setup and foundation layout, blueprint reading, interpretation of engineering plans and instructions, basic shop math and concrete mixing skills, wall and floor…Read More


Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, Sterile and Central Processing Technician Training Program

Central Processing and Service

This program will help students gain knowledge in the field of Central Services and learn about International Association of Healthcare Central Service Management (IAHCSMM), educational opportunities, professional development, workflow, processing cycles, basic job knowledge, job responsibilities, compensation, Central Service concerns, career growth…Read More

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